What we do

Phases build solid user journeys and efficient, business-changing technology. We work together with agencies, enterprises and public organisations from all industries in all parts of the world. We deliver solutions of high standards from our two departments in Denmark and India - we want to create digital efficiency for our customers through digital solutions that are easy to implement, understand and use.

Meet our team

Meet our dedicated team

We consist of 80 digital enthusiasts working together from different countries - always willing to learn and evolve.

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We want to make you feel safe that we can deliver high quality solutions and partnerships. See all our current certifications and read about what they mean for Phases and you.


Working with the best of digital

Helping companies to succeed with what we believe to be the best partners and platforms, requires us to strive for innovation and efficiency. Our partners are experts in building products and services that makes it possible for us to provide you with the most clever solutions possible.

From Denmark to India

Phases was founded in 2011 by Daniel Horn in Denmark. He had been involved in the IT business from a young age and saw an opportunity to start a company that would help other companies move from one Phase to the next with IT based solutions.

Daniel soon started to get bigger projects and for a particular big project for a website coded in Umbraco, he sought help on the official Umbraco forum. Through there, he connected with Muhammed Ansar (also known as Anz) and Jeena Ansar. Together, they decided to expand Phases with a development office in Kerala, India with Anz as the Chief Technical Officer in 2012.

Already in 2014 Phases had grown enough to move the Indian department to a bigger office. We also launched the first Phases product: Item exporter for Podio as a beginning of our product catalog for Podio.

In 2015 Phases won 2 awards in the Citrix app challenge and throughout 2016 we continued to grow both in teamsize, client size and product range. The move to Infopark, a big IT Park developed by the Government of Kerala, was made in 2017. The same year Phases achieved the AAA credit rating.

Looking toward the future, we envision Phases growing both as a company and our network of industry partners so we can continue to provide cutting edge solutions for our clients.

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Phases has as well proven themselves with excellent support of our digital solutions with short response times and fast problem solving on a day-to-day basis. Finally, when working with Phases you are always met with “a real can-do mentality”, and you get the feeling that these guys can actually do almost everything digital to support your business ideas and process.

Rasmus Tramp Frederiksen

Digital Project Manager, NORMANN Copenhagen

We believe in excellence and had extremely high standards for our development partners; We are extremely happy to have Phases as our partner as they continuously prove to be the best and always deliver pixel-perfect codes. We highly recommend them to everyone; they are professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and design-driven coders at heart.

Anil Reddy

Founder / Design Director, Lollypop UX Studio

We have helped businesses globally

Touching hearts and implementing technology that innovates has helped us reach small as well as enterprise level companies globally. Our teams work from our two departments in Denmark and India - let us talk possibilities


Innovation & results for 8 years

And we plan on going strong for many years to come. Phases is built on 5 values: Trust, sustainable responsibility, inclusion, collaboration and a focus on solutions.

We want to help your business become ready for the future using those values.