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Contact our sales team if you have questions about pricing or projects we are doing. You can reach our sales team on phone or email on all weekdays.

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Contact our support team for assistance with any product or solution we’ve made for you. General support is available on all weekdays - response times may vary.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have a more general question, we may have the answer for you in this section. If not, feel free to contact us through any of the channels we listed above.

Check out the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

I have a suggestion for a feature in one of your products, where do I send it?
Feel free to send us your feature requests to our support mail [email protected] - we are always happy to receive suggestions for improvements.
Do you have any open positions and can I send you my CV?
Phases is growing and we are often looking for more people to join our team. Check out our careers page, listing our current openings as well as the details for applying.
What does a digital project cost?
There is no general pricing for digital projects as they all vary in size and scope. Contact us to get an estimate on your project.
Podio isn't working - can you help us?
If Podio is down or if you are having issues with Podio specific features, please contact Podio's support team. If you need help adjusting your setup or setting up an integration, please send us the details and we will get back to you.